Roland's personal commitment is backed by a depth of experience that’s rare in the real estate industry today. To catch just a glimpse of the expertise you’ll have on your side, please read on to learn more about all the great things you can rightfully expect from Roland Gonzales.


​​​​​"I met Roland as he was representing the buyer of my fiancé’s house. I was so impressed with his personal attention to his client, that I dropped my agent and used Roland when I decided to sell my house.   I cannot say enough about his extra effort.  He sold my fiancé’s house a few hours after it was listed.  He sold my house in 7 days. "

- Dan Medrano, San Antonio, TX

"We were shown homes without hard selling or pushing...   Roland has a way of making good use of time without making clients feel rushed.  ...he went beyond what he needed to do ... I appreciate his help and have already recommend him to two close friends."

- Barbara Shaw, San Antonio, TX

 "... a great asset during my home buying experience.  ...I have heard horror stories from other people, but I had a complete trouble free experience.  Roland had a great deal to do with that.  Thanks Roland."

- Rocky & Catherine Wallace, San Antonio, TX

​" Roland went above and beyond all expectations...  His performance and reputation were well established...  proven record and exceptional representation."

- Lt Col Brent Willson, San Diego, CA

​"Roland used ... planning, discipline, and integrity to sell my home in days at the best price I could imagine.  ... Roland Gonzales ... an organized, knowledgeable, hardworking and honest agent who will serve your needs." 

- Dr. Mark R. Dumais, Washington, DC

​"Roland was very helpful... he kept me informed... He was not afraid to help."

- Orlando Lopez, San Antonio, TX

​"Roland is a superb businessman... I asked Roland how he could possibly stay in business by focusing so much on a single client...  Roland laughed and told us that he had many clients but his goal was to make each feel like the only one.  Roland's calming influence was a lifesaver."

- Mark Bojeun, Centerville, VA ​

​"Soon after receiving PCS orders, I was referred to Roland Gonzales. Roland didn't waste any time contacting me via e-mail and soon followed up with a phone call.  He begin e-mailing me listings of condominiums that fit the criteria we had discussed.  All this happened while I was still at Fort Hood, so needless to say, I was excited and hopeful.   I have been in my condo now for 3 years and I absolutely love it.  I could not have found the perfect home without the assistance of Roland Gonzales."

- Capt Rolanda Colbert, US Army, Washington DC